Curley & Pynn’s work in the energy sector began in the mid-1990s with a successful campaign to secure Power Plant Siting Act approval for a new power plant. Since then, our team has become experts on key issues, from solar power and other renewable energy initiatives to natural gas distribution. Perhaps no other sector best illustrates our ability to successfully navigate the complexities of operating in a highly regulated industry.

In Good Company

Our team enjoys long-standing partnerships with some of Florida’s leading electric utilities and natural gas providers, including Florida Power & Light Company and the Lake Apopka Natural Gas District. We have also completed projects for Duke Energy, the Florida Municipal Electric Association, Exum Energy, Exxon Mobile and Florida Public Utilities.

Case Studies

Message Development | Media Relations | Issue Management

Persuading City Leaders to Maintain a Multimillion-Dollar Franchise Agreement

Florida Public Utilities (FPU) provided electric service to Marianna, Florida, through a negotiated franchise agreement. As the agreement approached expiration in 2010, the City was exploring its option to purchase the electric utility and operate it as a municipal utility. Curley & Pynn was tasked with organizing a communications campaign to persuade city leaders to realize the benefits of a continued agreement with FPU. Read more.