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You Never Know Who You Know

 by Toni-Ann Burke Each year, our team has the unique pleasure of supporting the planning and execution of the highly anticipated IAAPA Expo – t... Read More »

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Generate More Media Coverage with These Insights from an Analysis of 5.2 Million Pitches

by Monique Mendez The more things change, the more they stay the same. Truer words could not be spoken about media relations. Few industries hav... Read More »

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Learning to “Pivot” – How to Adapt Your Marketing Strategy Amid Uncertainty

by Rachel Ilardi When I hear the word “pivot,” I think of that scene in Friends when Ross, Rachel and Chandler are trying to get the couch up t... Read More »

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The New York Times is Calling … Are You Prepared?

by Elizabeth Lytle Back in February, we discussed targeted communications and the importance of building relationships with the right media rather ... Read More »

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The State of Travel & Tourism Media: How to Land Your Pitch

 by Danielle Benghiat I’m sure we all wish we had a looking glass that could have predicted how our lives would be changed by the COVID-19 pande... Read More »

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