Developing a Redesigned Website for Lake Mechanical Contractors

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The Challenge:

Many things have changed since Lake Mechanical Contractors Inc. was founded in 1945.  It has grown over the years from a plumbing and appliance shop to a complete mechanical contractor with HVAC and process piping services.  The family-owned business passed hands from father to son and the company continues to evolve from its humble beginnings, continuing to keep pace with changing technologies, and offering innovative services for some of the largest owners and general contractors in the country.

Curley & Pynn was challenged with updating Lake Mechanical’s brand, including all of its marketing materials, to keep up with the times while reflecting its traditional company values.  The final step in the process was to create a new website.  As more and more of Lake Mechanical’s potential clients and business partners were seeking out its website before conducting business, the website was in need of a significant overhaul.

The Solution:

Curley & Pynn’s research began with a review of dozens of competitor websites to identify what traits were most important to their success and interviews with Lake Mechanical leadership about the type of content that would be most beneficial to them, potential clients and vendors.  The firm also conducted a thorough analysis of each page on Lake Mechanical’s existing website, which lacked ease of access to information and, with its old HTML style, did not reflect a company that could be considered technologically innovative.  In addition, Lake Mechanical desired the ability to edit the website without each time submitting requests to a web developer.

On the heels of developing numerous marketing materials in support of a brand refresh for Lake Mechanical, Curley & Pynn knew that keeping a consistent design aesthetic across all marketing platforms was critical.  To do so, Curley & Pynn engaged the same graphic designer who developed the print collateral and paired the design with a custom-built content management system.

The firm developed a look that would enable the repurposing of existing photography and incorporated, where necessary, a few additional stock photos and new photography.  Curley & Pynn drafted each page of content, making sure to weave in Lake Mechanical’s brand story, and also managed all data entry, which was an easy task thanks to the site’s new content management system.

The Results:

Lake Mechanical’s site now has an appearance mirroring its marketing brochure and better showcases its expertise and experience.  No longer dependent on a third party, Lake Mechanical now manages its own website updates, which is an easier, faster and a less-expensive process