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“We’re Sorry” Works

by Roger Pynn I wrote the other day about the value of owning your mistakes.  Apple CEO Tim Cook did just that when he owned up to the problems wi... Read More »

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Gogo Walks the Talk

by Roger Pynn Gogo Internet ... the provider of online services to travelers strapped into an airline seat has to live up to a pretty high standard... Read More »

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Feeling Sad? Microsoft’s Advertisers May Soon Know

by Julie Primrose The fact that marketers track our online activity and use the collected data to target the messages we receive is not news.  Fac... Read More »

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Does Safe Exist Anymore?

by Roger Pynn Pity the PR team at Shell.  Their brand has been hijacked.  Their creative has been stolen.  Their message has been distorted.  T... Read More »

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Don’t Underestimate Today’s Youth

by Vianka McConville In accordance with a fellow blog post, I believe today’s younger generation is a lot smarter and more tech savvy than people... Read More »

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