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Did You Enjoy the Ride?

by Roger Pynn So I’m a certified space junkie.  As children, my brother and I would climb atop our roof on Orlando’s east side – much to our... Read More »

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Why So Quiet?

by Kim Taylor Did you catch this post last week from my business partner Dan Ward?  He offered quite a rebuttal after reading another communicat... Read More »

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What’s Ahead for 2014

by Roger Pynn Before long we'll find our newspapers, magazines, blogs and other favorite forms of media overflowing with predictions of what to exp... Read More »

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Microsoft Endorses Copyright Infringement?

by Kerry Martin While working to promote an event for the Florida Public Relations Association, I ran into the problem of having to use an eye-catc... Read More »

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Tear Down This Paywall!

by Kerry Martin With so many people turning to the internet for their news, it’s understandable that publishers have to change the way they provi... Read More »

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