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Direct Mail Win

by Dan Ward Allow me to follow my partner Kim's "Promotional Fail" post with a direct mail WIN. We all get plenty of junk mail with envelopes th... Read More »

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Orlando Public Relations

The Essence of Teamwork

by Connie Mercado Teamwork is mandatory in any thriving business.  Relying on the help of others to complete a task for a client is, without a dou... Read More »

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iPad iNcentives

by Roger Pynn Seth Godin and Tom Peters on the same stage qualifies for the term “marquee event.” At an American Express event titled “Ins... Read More »

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The End of the ‘Letter Writing Campaign?’

by Kerry Martin More and more, I find examples of when static text printed on a simple piece of paper just isn’t cutting it anymore. Take for ... Read More »

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From the Spam Filter

by Roger Pynn Now here’s a guy who needs help: Hi Roger, I'd like to know if Curley & Pynn Public Relations And Marketing Communications ca... Read More »

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