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CNN’s iReport Takes a Step in the Right Direction

by Kim Taylor We haven’t exactly been shy about our feelings for CNN’s iReport, but I think CNN’s latest move to re-launch iReport as a ‘so... Read More »

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Is It Really a Big Deal if Journalists Share Personal Opinions?

by Dan Ward I monitored an interesting online chat this afternoon in which Reuters columnist Jack Shafer answered the question, “is it really a b... Read More »

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Is This the New Cold Call?

by Kim Taylor As I returned to the office today I was met with a voicemail from a telecom vendor.  It wasn’t unusual; I get many, many unsolicit... Read More »

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Easy Does It

by Roger Pynn Yet another cautionary tale for social media users came in the form of the Hewlett-Packard exec so excited to update his LinkedIn pro... Read More »

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Making Bad, Worse

by Kim Taylor Remember the outrage in July when Netflix changed their pricing structure and service offerings raised their rates?  The social medi... Read More »

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