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So Much for Privacy

by Kim Taylor How often do you check your privacy settings on Facebook?  If you’re like me, the answer is probably “not often enough.”  I w... Read More »

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Can’t a Whale Ever Catch a Break?

by Kim Taylor As a kid, there was no better treat than Carvel—especially a Fudgie the Whale cake.  If you grew up in Carvel country, you know wh... Read More »

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Holiday Style

by Kim Taylor I’m an AP Style nerd and I love the holidays, so naturally yesterday’s holiday-inspired AP Style chat (#APStyleChat) on Twitter i... Read More »

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Trying Too Hard

by Kim Taylor I’ll probably never stop watching the “Today” show.  It’s part of my morning routine—so much so that if I’m not blow dryin... Read More »

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The Government Shutdown PR Winner

by Kerry Martin A lot can be said for brands that take advantage of what’s going on in the world to stay relevant.  From Oreo’s massively vi... Read More »

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