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LinkedIn, Can You Spell “Assume”?

by Heather Keroes Hopefully we all know the adage about assuming too much and what that does to you and me … but I’m uncertain that LinkedIn’s ... Read More »

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Missing the Target

by Dan Ward Philadelphia PR pro Ken Kilpatrick grabbed my attention with his Bizjournals headline, “How Target screwed up on social media.”  B... Read More »

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A New Way to Network?

by Kim Taylor Chances are if you have a Facebook account, you’ve likely written a Happy Birthday message on the wall of one of your friends.  Mayb... Read More »

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Facebook with a Side of Hash

by Heather Keroes Facebook recently “launched” hashtags, which wasn’t a huge surprise or even really a launch, as a number of users were alre... Read More »

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Twitter’s Not for Every Business

by Kim Taylor Over the years, we’ve given clients advice about social media and whether it was right for their particular business.  In some ind... Read More »

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