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No Thank You, and Please Stop Asking

by Dan Ward It’s become a too-common occurrence … I open the iPad and see that I have Facebook alerts waiting.  An old friend looking to conne... Read More »

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Anticipating Sales with Social Media

by Vianka McConville Does posting to Facebook or sharing a tweet contribute to the bottom line? Let’s see… A recent blog post from TrackMave... Read More »

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Are You a Celebrity? There’s an App for that.

by Heather Keroes With hundreds of friends connected with us on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, we may feel like quasi-celebrities ... Read More »

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Distributed Listening

by Roger Pynn A recent conversation among staff members led me to realize how important it is to learn how to talk out of both sides of your mouth ... Read More »

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Dating Websites Are Social, Too

by Heather Keroes While I do possess a certain affinity for particular brands (Macys!) over others, I have never asked one to marry me.  But, when... Read More »

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