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PR Gets in Hot … Coffee?

by Kerry Martin I recently watched an interesting (albeit, one-sided) documentary about tort reform—the aptly named Hot Coffee, which examines fr... Read More »

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Powerful Social Commentary

by Roger Pynn If you’re old enough to remember the three martini lunch, this post on Mark Shaefer’s {grow} blog will either scare the living da... Read More »

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The Mid-Year Crisis

by Kerry Martin Whenever the first of July rolls around, I always have this sudden realization that the year is halfway over and I'm nowhere near a... Read More »

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Public Relations and the Casey Anthony Trial

by Kim Taylor Very little “warm and fuzzy” news can be associated with the trial against Casey Anthony. Most coverage of the trial consists of ... Read More »

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American Violence Down Except, Apparently, in America

by Dan Ward Great story by Linda Shrieves about boosting security in hospital settings , but what appears to be a glaring error distracted me from ... Read More »

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