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Business Lessons from the Kardashians?

by Dan Ward Thanks to an invitation from my friends at Florida Power & Light, I had the opportunity to attend the Daytona Beach Chamber of Comm... Read More »

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Feeling Stressed? You’re Probably in Public Relations

by Heather Keroes Sure, there are days when my piles of to-do’s form a small mountain range across my desk (who doesn’t have those days?), but ... Read More »

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Award Time

by Dan Ward Sure, we’re proud of the efforts our team managed that resulted in three Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) Image Awards.  ... Read More »

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Employee Appreciation in My Own Words

by Kim Taylor Happy National Employee Appreciation Day!  When I read this Inc. headline I wondered why I hadn’t seen a row of Hallmark cards to ... Read More »

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Focus on What Keeps the Client Awake at Night

by Julie Primrose I normally find the Harvard Business Review to be right on-target but I had to questions this recent blog post that describes the... Read More »

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