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Hot Desking

by Kim Stangle  When I saw this Bloomberg story yesterday about hot desking I had an immediate hunch what they were referring to even though the t... Read More »

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I’m Over It

by Heather Keroes I have an AP Stylebook on my desk for a reason.  From time to time, I need to use it.  I don’t profess to be the biggest gram... Read More »

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Outside Perspective

by Dan Ward This past week, I and my business partners joined with similar-sized PR firms from around the country to talk about the business of our... Read More »

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by Dan Ward Executives at Ernst & Young got more than they bargained for when they announced their new “EY” name as part of a major re-bran... Read More »

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Build a Bridge or Burn One … Which Should You Choose?

by Dan Ward “Dan, I did not take precious time out of my day to send you a personalized email only for you to never even read it.  It’s unprof... Read More »

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