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Special Interests

by Dan Ward It seems like whenever political debate heats up on any issue, the dreaded  “special interests ” rear their ugly heads.  The deba... Read More »

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A Rodney Day

by Roger Pynn “Can we all just get along?” begged Rodney King, the L.A. man brutalized by police in 1991 when the officers who beat him were ac... Read More »

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Being Heard

by Roger Pynn A frustrating conversation with my wife this morning led me to write this post. She’s concerned about the direction of the Congr... Read More »

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1600 Sunset Boulevard

by Roger Pynn Boston Legal has to be one of the smartest shows on television … a never-miss in our household.  William Shatner’s seriously com... Read More »

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Taking Aim at Abstention

by Dan Ward Bob Schieffer broadcast an excellent editorial comment this weekend on Face the Nation, reprising a message he had shared in previous c... Read More »

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