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The Power of Free – Part II

by Dan Ward Roger Pynn wrote about the Power of Free … how the word “free” is a strong driver of consumer action. I want to write about th... Read More »

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So that’s the Rest of the Story

by Dan Ward I wasn’t surprised to learn that legendary broadcaster Paul Harvey occasionally sought assistance in writing his scripts.  Every goo... Read More »

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Words. Just Words.

by Roger Pynn The cavalier use of words … whether in political rhetoric or news headlines … seems to have become so acceptable these days that ... Read More »

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Raucous Royals

by Roger Pynn It was one of those moments.  Whoever thought they’d hear shouting from the floor of Congress … much less a member calling the P... Read More »

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Interesting Take

by Roger Pynn Ever wonder how people survive in Washington?  Do you sometimes think that people have to be crazy to run for Congress what with all... Read More »

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