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2009, in a Word

by Kim Taylor 2009 was not a year without challenge.  Limits were tested, nerves were rattled, and sometimes a little anxiety even crept in. Bu... Read More »

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Crunch Time

by Roger Pynn Having worked on deadlines all my career, the adrenaline rush of a pending “drop deadline” has always been a fact of life … but... Read More »

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Raucous Royals

by Roger Pynn It was one of those moments.  Whoever thought they’d hear shouting from the floor of Congress … much less a member calling the P... Read More »

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Once in a While

by Roger Pynn This blog is about targeted communications.  Every once in a while you have to take a little license, however, and that is what I wi... Read More »

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by Roger Pynn “Over The Hill” parties have become cliché as a means of poking fun at folks as they get older … designed I guess to let the hono... Read More »

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