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Can You Learn from Temptation?

by Kim Taylor According to author Patrick Lecioni, the answer is yes. I typically think business books written as fables are better used as door... Read More »

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Top Down Support

by Roger Pynn Counseling a manufacturing company on a difficult marketing issue recently, I came across a reminder of how important it is for manag... Read More »

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Open the Books?

by Kim Taylor I’ve been reflecting a bit lately and starting to define goals for 2010, both personal and professional, and I stumbled upon this b... Read More »

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Once in a While

by Roger Pynn This blog is about targeted communications.  Every once in a while you have to take a little license, however, and that is what I wi... Read More »

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PR & the Tooth Fairy

by Roger Pynn Overheard a fellow practitioner last night talking about a “pr solution” to a corporate crisis he’s anticipating. I told him to... Read More »

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