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Inspiring Local Female High Schoolers to Pursue Careers in Technology with Electronic Arts

Challenge Global interactive entertainment leader Electronic Arts (EA) believes in creating games and experiences for its player community that refle... Read More »

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A Lesson from Taylor Swift

by Ashley Tinstman Last week, I had the privilege of seeing Taylor Swift in concert for her 1989 World Tour.  (Full disclosure:  Before I get too... Read More »

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The Power of the Right Advocate

by Vianka McConville For years, music artists have cried out against piracy without much change in music streaming services.  Sure, lawsuits with ... Read More »

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What Justin Timberlake Can Teach You About Service

by Kim Taylor Typically headlines like this are written just for the click, but stick with me, this one’s for real. There’s a song on Justin... Read More »

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It’s Uncomfortable

by Vianka McConville The death of “Sopranos” actor James Gandolfini came as a surprise to everyone.  There have been many stories recounting h... Read More »

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