We help you design and deliver key messages to the people who impact your success.

Our strategic approach to communication is inspired by a quote from Howard Hill, the most celebrated bow and arrow hunter of all time: “Unless you know your game’s feeding, sleeping and daily habits, unless you plan your hunt in great detail and follow your plan with precision, you are not hunting at all; you’re just walking in the woods.”

Modern organizations must use great accuracy in understanding the forces that drive their target audiences. Hill reminds us that Taking Aim requires planning the work we do for clients in great detail and learning everything there is to know about their organizations – and about those who have an interest in them – before we’re ready to let the arrow fly.

Every service we provide, from message development to graphic design, is founded on in-depth research – knowledge we harness to change minds and reinforce reputation. At Curley & Pynn, we partner with our clients to learn everything about their business, beginning with four key questions.

Public Relations

By defining your individual needs and designing a campaign to achieve your goals, our team provides expertly planned communication to grow and build relationships with those who matter most.
This might include:  developing public awareness campaigns, managing issues and providing crisis counsel, executing media relations programs, engaging social media audiences or managing internal communications.

Marketing Communications

Targeting key consumers and enhancing the bottom line through marketing communications are essential to success. 

Our team helps you focus on the marketing strategy that will foster your company’s growth by directing plans and strategies, launching new products, and planning and executing special events.  Additionally, we offer a variety of design services, including an audit of existing materials, creating collateral materials and promotional programs, website and blog content development and design, and video production capabilities.

Public Affairs

Connecting with those who govern and the communities that surround us are often the foundation for achieving communication goals.

When building public affairs platforms and placing priority on relationships, we provide clients counsel on institutional relations, public policy, partnerships in the community, association involvement and grassroots campaigns.

Crisis Communication

Effective crisis communication planning and execution is vital to maintaining an organization’s reputation. 

In a threatening situation that demands immediate attention, you need a team with intense effort, strategic planning and communications expertise.  From pre-crisis planning to post-crisis clean up, we are prepared to help you recover and minimize harmful impacts throughout the process.

Social Media

Consumers expect organizations to be actively engaged in social media.

Sound strategy and effective social media management is a must.  We manage social media campaigns, monitor online conversations, and develop programs and strategies to help clients build an online presence and engage their audiences.  From comprehensive audits that identify strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, to strategic programs that enhance consumer engagement and brand affinity, our team is equipped to manage all aspects of a social media strategy.

Media & Message Training

Whether you’re speaking with the news media, presenting to a community group or addressing the company board, identifying issues that impact your business and communicating the right message consistently are critical.

Message Matrix® is our trademarked, systematic and strategic approach developed over more than three decades to help with step-by-step issue identification and message development.



Through the years, our work has been recognized with nearly 120 awards by top public relations and marketing communications organizations, including the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) Silver Anvil – which designates the nation’s best strategic and influential public relations campaigns – and the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) Dick Pope All-Florida Golden Image Award – which honors the state’s top public relations program.

The most recent include:

  • PRSA Sunshine District Radiance Award
    • Electronic Arts “Get in the Game” STEAM Program

  • FPRA Orlando Chapter Image Award
    • accesso Leadership Transition Public Relations Programs and Public Information

  • FPRA Orlando Chapter Award of Distinction

  • FPRA Orlando Chapter Judges’ Award
    • accesso Leadership Transition Public Relations Programs and Public Information

  • PRSA Sunshine District Radiance Award
    • The Glass Knife Opening External Communications
    • Florida High Tech Corridor Council florida.HIGH.TECH

  • FPRA Orlando Chapter Image Award
    • The Glass Knife Opening

  • FPRA Orlando Chapter Award of Distinction
    • The Glass Knife Opening

  • PRSA Sunshine District Award of Commendation

  • FPRA Golden Image Award of Distinction
    • Curley & Pynn For The Win Digital Magazine

  • FPRA Orlando Chapter Image Award

  • FPRA Orlando Chapter Award of Distinction and Judges’ Award
    • Curley & Pynn For The Win Digital Magazine
    • National Airlines Launch of Scheduled Passenger Service