Would You Buy Shoes from a Truck?

Keroes Heatherby Heather Keroes, APR

Food trucks touting everything from Korean BBQ and tacos to the sweeter delights of cupcakes and crepes have no problem attracting my attention (unfortunately).  But what if the truck was selling something else?  I’m from New York.  I’ve had people try to sell me jeans and even furniture from the back of a truck.  However, in a world where clever packaging is king and food trucks have paved a path, other businesses can start jumping on the bandwagon (OK, I’ll stop with the poor puns now).

One entrepreneur in Missouri is launching a shoe truck business.  His concept, “Stadium Shoes” (detailed on Mashable here), is all about the sale of casual shoes such as canvas sneakers and running shoes.  He’s betting there’s a market for it … people who need shoes *ahem* on the run.

I’d love to see if there are any other brands taking on the food truck concept, especially here in Orlando.

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