What’s Your Philosophy?

by Kim Taylor

Five years ago, we learned about and adopted into our corporate culture, the FISH! Philosophy.  If you’re not familiar with the Philosophy created at the world-famous Pike Place Fish Market, the four main principles are:  Play, Make Their Day, Be There and Choose Your Attitude.

You may be saying to yourself, that a company’s culture should come from within rather than be adopted by some outside entity.  I agree.  But, what do you do when your company’s culture goes stale or just needs some livening up?  Do what we did:  watch a video of some guys throwing fish and let it inspire you.

One of the best things about FISH! is not the manufactured program put together by Charthouse Learning – it’s the message behind the Philosophy – heck, the principles need little explanation.

Some man-on-the-street YouTube videos even remind us that those fishmongers at Pike’s aren’t the FISH! Philosophy – they have their own story to tell, but they don’t discount the principles.  Basically, it’s up to you to transform yourself from “ordinary” to “great.”

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