What’s Most Important? Look Around You.

Dan Wardby Dan Ward, APR, CPRC

“Who do you want to reach?”

That’s always the first question we ask when clients come to us for communications strategy.  Until you identify your target, there’s no reason to pull the trigger.

Most communications programs actually have several audience targets … customers and prospects, industry peers, community leaders, government officials, etc.  But too often, organizations forget the most important audience:  employees.

Employees are the living, breathing embodiment of the organizational brand.  So don’t ignore them.  Educate them, empower them, engage them.  Recognize that they talk to your customers and prospects, to your industry peers, to community leaders, to government leaders.  Like it or not, they are all spokespersons for your company, so they need to be a top priority.

Our latest Curley & Pynn White Paper discusses this topic in more detail.  Please take the time to read it and let us know what you think.  Do you have more examples to share about the importance of employee engagement and internal communications?

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