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Do you know what STEM stands for?  It’s an acronym our client EA-Tiburon, the Orlando-based EA SPORTS studio, is dedicated to helping you learn.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, important areas of expertise that are critical to filling jobs in fields such as physics and engineering.  Believe it or not, game development is also on the list of fields requiring STEM skills, and the folks at EA-Tiburon look for ways to communicate the importance of STEM studies in hopes of encouraging the next generation of game developers.

Among its many STEM-related initiatives, EA-Tiburon has regularly partnered with the Orlando Science Center to meet this mutual goal with the belief that STEM subjects can also be fun and entertaining.  For the past two years, the game studio has sponsored and participated in Otronicon, an annual Orlando Science Center celebration of interactive technology.

Working with Curley & Pynn, EA SPORTS provided prizes for a contest at this year’s Otronicon, and the grand prize winner was treated along with his family to a fun and educational tour of the game studio.  The Callahan family of Orlando, Fla., was given a sneak peek at how games are created and met with several of the game makers, themselves.  There was also plenty of fun to be had, including neat surprises such as a dip in the studio’s ball pit, and, of course, some game time.

The Callahan family enjoys a dip in the ball pit at EA SPORTS’ studio in Orlando, Fla. The game studio features a fun and unique work environment to foster creativity. Pictured: (L-R) Malakai Callahan (age seven), Richard Todd Callahan, Matai Callahan (age 7), Trinity Callahan (age 11), Destiny Callahan (age 8) and Xio Callahan. Photo Credit: EA-Tiburon

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