The Ball(oon) is in Their Court

by Dionne Aiken

As investigations are underway regarding last Thursday’s “Balloon Boy” fiasco, we start to wonder more and more: did they really do “this for the show?”

Colorado authorities as well as the media began drawing inferences from the Larry King Live interview on which 6-year-old “Balloon Boy,” Falcon Heene, made the assertion.

There seemed to be more cause for speculation as Janine Drive analyzed the “hot spots” of the father’s body language that raised red flags.

My associate Roger Pynn just blogged about being honest, candid and transparent.

As the story slowly unravels we start to wonder how honest, candid and transparent these parents really are.

Whether the Heene Family was seeking publicity or not – if they ever want another moment (15 minutes of fame) the ball(oon) is in their court to help us understand and to clarify the communication break down.

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