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Fear Factor Benefit?

by Roger Pynn Could the economic crisis be bringing a wave of thoughtful news on a complex situation … writing that aims to educate rather than i... Read More »

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Weather Report: Confusion Reigns

by Roger Pynn As the day progressed it was clear that the skies were clouded with confusion as “The Fed issued a brief statement Friday saying th... Read More »

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Dewey Wins. Citi Loses.

by Roger Pynn Talk about uncorking wine before its time.  How many markets do you think Citibank advertised its new “partnership” with Wachovia ... Read More »

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Something I Wish I’d Said

by Roger Pynn Talking to a group of very smart students last week at the Burnett Honors College at the University of Central Florida required prepa... Read More »

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Word of the Week: Simple

by Roger Pynn Saw an interesting video at the MyStrategicPlan blog in which Erica Olsen, VP of marketing for M3Planning shared a simple implementat... Read More »

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