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Don’t Lie to Me

by Roger Pynn Update:  We're well into Week 3 of the Verizon Free Phone Day that won't die, and I'm beginning to feel like Bill Murray in "Groundh... Read More »

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Hold on a Minute, Seth

by Roger Pynn I’m usually a trumpet for Seth Godin. His blog is at the top of my list and he’s full of insight I use and share.  But his lates... Read More »

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Will We Afford Internet 3?

by Roger Pynn What impact the economic downturn will have on marketing communications seems inextricably linked, in my mind, to the public’s will... Read More »

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by Roger Pynn Poor Rupert Murdoch, all those millions poured into newspapers and an attitude like this: papers have an edge over bloggers and other... Read More »

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Truck Stop Research

by Roger Pynn We had just finished a presentation to a potential client with massive land holdings that wrap around numerous rural communities … ... Read More »

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