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Four-Word Story

by Roger Pynn I’m a storyteller … but I could never have imagined telling a truly powerful story with just four words … until yesterday when ... Read More »

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The Click Trick

by Roger Pynn In Florida, severe weather headlines grab attention.  When you see the words “tropical storm,” memories of past visitors like Do... Read More »

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Praise when Praise is Due

by Roger Pynn I heard from a lot of folks about a post I wrote August 15 – friends emailed and commented on social media such as Facebook with em... Read More »

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Rest in Peace … for $20

by Roger Pynn There was an old saying when I was young … “everyone gets their name in the paper at least three times in their life:  when they... Read More »

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SPIN … not PR

by Roger Pynn On Sunday’s “Face the Nation,” Bob Schieffer had a great commentary on the dysfunction of government in times of stress when al... Read More »

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