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Media Crystal Balls

by Roger Pynn I got an invitation today to a webinar titled “Using Big Data to Predict the Biggest Nights in Entertainment.”  It asked, “Can... Read More »

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Back to Basics

by Roger Pynn After 30 years, I think I’ve seen just about everything in our business change. But as I’ve written here before, the more thin... Read More »

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Brian Williams: #Trending or #Toast?

by Roger Pynn Brian Williams is damaged goods and as much as I am a believer in forgiveness and second chances, as a business person I can’t imag... Read More »

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Conflate, Confuse or Abuse?

by Roger Pynn Confession:  I’ve been a big Brian Williams fan.  Notice:  no longer. I’m big on forgiveness, and didn’t understand other... Read More »

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Don’t Make Me Look

by Roger Pynn Sitting Friday morning in a client meeting and seeing an email pop up on my phone with the subject line “Are you picking me up at t... Read More »

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