Proactive Strategic Planning

by Kerry Martin

Our partner Kim’s reflections on the New Year and personal and professional goals remind me of how some clients like to craft their strategic marketing plans for the full year.

But what’s strategic about having a fixed plan in a year of constant change? I’m sure everyone has been affected by the changes in 2009, so why can’t that pristinely labeled and laminated document have a few red lines of its own?

We have counseled clients who were working off of the same Five-Year ‘Strategic Plan’ since 2006. Needless to say, those expectations had to be reevaluated.

For this New Year, make the resolution to be proactive with how your marketing plan or overall business model is assessed; don’t wait for 12 months to start over.

If the budget projections start to look leaner than anticipated, preemptively adjust your tactics to find more efficient ways to accomplish your long-term objectives. A fixed dollar amount attached to a year-long communications campaign can sometimes lead to the entire program being slashed altogether if no other alternatives are suggested. As we at Curley & Pynn like to say it, “Bring the client solutions, not problems.”

Part of being a PR professional is knowing that some of the best laid plans shouldn’t be made in stone.

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