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Inspired by a quote from the most celebrated bow-and-arrow hunter of all time, our strategic approach lies in an emphasis on research. “Taking Aim,” offers a closer look inside the minds of Curley & Pynn’s strategic thinkers and our process to learn all there is to know about you and your stakeholders before ever letting an arrow fly.

Does Being There Really Matter Anymore?

by Dean Hybl Like many people around the globe, a good bit of my attention this week is focused toward Beijing and the Olympic Games.  It is the cur... Read More »

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Award Results, Not Just Frugality

by Dan Ward, APR, CPRC While attending the Florida Public Relations Association (FPRA) Golden Image Award banquet the other night, I was reminded o... Read More »

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What Makes Us Watch?

by Roger Pynn, APR, CPRC Conservative talk radio is afraid liberals will reinstate The Fairness Doctrine and use the balancing effect to push them of... Read More »

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Why Newspaper Op-Eds Are Still Important Even Though Newspapers Are Losing Readers

by Nancy Curry A colleague shared an interesting article on op-eds from PR Week. While it's certainly not news that The New York Times leans lef... Read More »

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Drivel and Poison

by Roger Pynn, APR, CPRC Everywhere you turn today people are talking about transparency and there’s a growing fascination with the take of CEOs ... Read More »

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