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Inspired by a quote from the most celebrated bow-and-arrow hunter of all time, our strategic approach lies in an emphasis on research. “Taking Aim,” offers a closer look inside the minds of Curley & Pynn’s strategic thinkers and our process to learn all there is to know about you and your stakeholders before ever letting an arrow fly.


by Dan Ward, APR, CPRC A former Sentinel reporter who now blogs about the newspaper penned an interesting entry this weekend, taking the Sentinel a... Read More »

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Taking Aim at Florida’s Budget Crisis

by Dan Ward, APR, CPRC An excellent editorial in today’s St. Petersburg Times, and other editorials printed around the state in the past couple of ... Read More »

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Which One Is It?

by Roger Pynn, APR, CPRC After just posting advice to potential CEO bloggers, which included staying away from personal opinions in a corporate blo... Read More »

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Eye of the Blogger

by Roger Pynn, APR, CPRC Self-deprecation can be a great tool for public speakers, but for bloggers? In her BlogWrite for CEOs, social media consult... Read More »

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Isn’t Honesty Always the Best Policy?

by Kerry Gregovich In light of Washington’s latest scandal dealing with a public figure lying about infidelity, one question keeps popping up in ... Read More »

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