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Inspired by a quote from the most celebrated bow-and-arrow hunter of all time, our strategic approach lies in an emphasis on research. “Taking Aim,” offers a closer look inside the minds of Curley & Pynn’s strategic thinkers and our process to learn all there is to know about you and your stakeholders before ever letting an arrow fly.

Now Here’s a Guy Who Takes Aim …

by Roger Pynn Reading Seth Godin’s blog is always a reminder to “keep it simple stupid.”  He has a way of smacking you in the face with the ... Read More »

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Targeted Messages More Important than Ever

by Roger Pynn Communicators – marketers, advertising folks and public relations people – talk a lot about target audiences, and as Brian Reich ... Read More »

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Power is in the Hands of the Beholder

by Dionne Aiken Stefan Bucher is a graphic illustrator, designer and writer, who runs 344design studio out of L.A.  He's done work for notable cli... Read More »

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Talking Points that Bite

by Roger Pynn With the political conventions in full swing, everyone’s using talking points … and accusing each other of spewing them.  But in... Read More »

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by Dan Ward, APR, CPRC A former Sentinel reporter who now blogs about the newspaper penned an interesting entry this weekend, taking the Sentinel a... Read More »

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