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Inspired by a quote from the most celebrated bow-and-arrow hunter of all time, our strategic approach lies in an emphasis on research. “Taking Aim,” offers a closer look inside the minds of Curley & Pynn’s strategic thinkers and our process to learn all there is to know about you and your stakeholders before ever letting an arrow fly.

This is Not a PR Gaffe

by Roger Pynn, APR, CPRC I knew I’d see the headline sooner or later: 6 other PR Nightmares: United fiasco among worst corporate gaffes  T... Read More »

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Should Fact-Checks Have Expiration Dates?

by Dan Ward, APR, CPRC I’ve written often about my concerns about the “fact check” genre.  When journalists review statements and assign gra... Read More »

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The Trust Crisis

by Roger Pynn, APR, CPRC When I first read this article about research conducted by the American Press Institute and the Associated Press-NORC Cent... Read More »

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Conflict Abounds

by Roger Pynn, APR, CPRC If there’s one thing that’s certain, conflict is everywhere these days.  But it doesn’t stop at the borders of the ... Read More »

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How to Be the Best Intern Ever

by Ashley Tinstman As someone who was once a nervous, timid intern, I’ll admit—internships can be somewhat terrifying.  Your professors consta... Read More »

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