Micro Holidays and the Pet-tential Behind Them

by Yvan Quintero

Happy National Dog Day! Love is a four-legged word.

For years, communicators have leveraged micro holidays to generate engagement in marketing and media, usually to “be more fun” or stay relevant. I know because I have done this and I bet you have, too.

Micro holidays are those “random” days you’ll see trending nationwide in media. Some are fun, like National Dog Day (more on that in a minute), while others have no place on my feed (I’m looking at you, “Bird Day.” I’m serious who likes birds?).

If approached strategically, these days are a catalyst for great storytelling and sales initiatives. On the other hand, it can be easy to get carried away. Too many micro holiday celebrations and your audience may become fatigued or worse, stop following you altogether.

So, when is it strategic to capitalize on these micro holidays?

There’s an art to incorporating micro holidays into your marketing communications strategy. And it all comes back to research.

You must identify and learn about your target audience. What are their favorite foods? Do they have children? How long is their commute to work? What’s keeping them awake at night? These are some of the questions you should be asking to ensure your content will resonate. Otherwise, you’re just winging it, which can lead to sabotaging your brand.

Once you’ve dug deep enough to know and understand your consumers, it’s time to conduct a review of your communications efforts. Analyze what posts drive engagement on social media, or which blog posts attract the most clicks. This will offer insights into the most popular topics with your audience, which you can revisit from new angles – such as the framework of a micro holiday.

For example, we know from experience that our audiences (employees, clients, colleagues) love dogs. So, of course, we kept an eye out for a micro holiday that fit this description and – bam! – you’re reading a post that combines marketing tips with a love of dogs. Their cuddles, affection and companionship – what is there not to love?

In celebration of this “national holiday,” let’s put the old saying “dogs resemble their owners” to the test. Can you guess which pup belongs to which team member?

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