Love What You Do

Keroes Heatherby Heather Keroes, APR

It may as well already be Valentine’s Day, with candy hearts and cupids hitting store shelves with nary a moment for Santa to be on his merry way.  And while love is grand, seldom do we think of ways to show our love for our profession.

Public relations, although consistently voted one of the most high-stress jobs in America, is undoubtedly the rock behind any sound business’ communications strategy.  PR practitioners are not in it for the glory.  At Curley & Pynn, we’re happiest when our clients do well.  It all goes back to our five steps (our philosophy and approach to client service).  Number one on that list is focusing on what keeps the client awake at night.

While I may not be sending boxes of chocolates to our clients this Valentine’s Day, I’ll do them one better and ask what’s on their minds – staying true to them and to our love of good PR strategy.

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