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One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Leap for Red Bull?

by Heather Keroes It seemed that nearly all of my friends on Facebook and Twitter this past weekend were newly initiated free fall fans.  For the ... Read More »

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IAmA President

by Heather Keroes Last month, my colleague Vianka McConville wrote about Reddit as a potential public relations tool.  For the most part, I would ... Read More »

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Whoops. I Just Insulted the Internet.

by Heather Keroes Last Friday, a young lady who recently graduated from the University of Iowa, was likely shocked when a story she wrote for NextG... Read More »

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The Science of Gaming

by Heather Keroes Do you know what STEM stands for?  It’s an acronym our client EA-Tiburon, the Orlando-based EA SPORTS studio, is dedicated to ... Read More »

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Fact or Tweet?

by Heather Keroes  At least one online publication has learned a lesson the hard way … just because it’s on Twitter, doesn’t mean it’s tru... Read More »

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