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Hey! Read this Blog Post! Learning to Like Gmail Tabs

by Heather Keroes If you use Gmail as your email service provider, you’re probably accustomed to having one main inbox for all of your emails (ex... Read More »

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Facebook with a Side of Hash

by Heather Keroes Facebook recently “launched” hashtags, which wasn’t a huge surprise or even really a launch, as a number of users were alre... Read More »

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Picture This – Cellphones are the New Photojournalists

by Heather Keroes In the age of citizen journalism, shrinking news rooms have placed one-stop shop hats on their reporters – who don’t just rep... Read More »

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Breaking or BREAKING News

by Heather Keroes “Breaking:  Two Explosions in the White House and Barack Obama is injured,” tweeted The Associated Press Tuesday afternoon.... Read More »

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Would You Buy Shoes from a Truck?

by Heather Keroes Food trucks touting everything from Korean BBQ and tacos to the sweeter delights of cupcakes and crepes have no problem attractin... Read More »

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