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LinkedIn, Can You Spell “Assume”?

by Heather Keroes Hopefully we all know the adage about assuming too much and what that does to you and me … but I’m uncertain that LinkedIn’s ... Read More »

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Why Teens are Leaving Facebook

by Heather Keroes Before Facebook and MySpace, there was CollegeClub.  CollegeClub was my first foray into using social media.  It predated MySpa... Read More »

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Love What You Do

by Heather Keroes It may as well already be Valentine’s Day, with candy hearts and cupids hitting store shelves with nary a moment for Santa to b... Read More »

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It’s Never Too Late to Say “Thank You”

by Heather Keroes If I went back and looked through several months of credit card statements, to say I frequent Chipotle would be an understatement... Read More »

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Thanks, Danny Treanor

by Heather Keroes Since it was announced several months ago, my fiancé and a small group of our friends have been lamenting over the retirement of... Read More »

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