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I’m Over It

by Heather Keroes I have an AP Stylebook on my desk for a reason.  From time to time, I need to use it.  I don’t profess to be the biggest gram... Read More »

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Schedule PR Programs Around Google Trends

by Heather Keroes I’ve been using Google Trends and AdWords recently for keyword planning and when I saw this article posted on Ragan’s PR Dail... Read More »

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Dating Websites Are Social, Too

by Heather Keroes While I do possess a certain affinity for particular brands (Macys!) over others, I have never asked one to marry me.  But, when... Read More »

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Stop, Pop and Shop It

by Heather Keroes With our wedding only a few months away, I was growing a little nervous about the fact that my husband-to-be had yet to rent or b... Read More »

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Don’t Throw Mama from the Train, or the Balcony

by Heather Keroes Media interviews don’t always go as we expect.  When preparing and advising clients for interviews, we take the approach outline... Read More »

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