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Pynn Rogerby Roger Pynn

Self-deprecation can be a great tool for public speakers, but for bloggers?

In her BlogWrite for CEOs, social media consultant Debbie Weil steps out on a limb to share her artwork as a way to illustrate that those who blog must first overcome fear of the unknown.

Debbie is right.  CEOs can make important statements and move the needle for their organization through social media, but if they elect to step outside their comfort zone they need to be careful not to diminish the value of their opinions.

But beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and many of us who saw Debbie’s painting may disagree with her claim that she has “no artistic talent whatsoever.”  After all, people collect everything from Picasso to Red Skelton.

(Actually, Debbie, I might make an offer for this in a gallery.  I like it.)

(Whether I could afford it or not, I’d never bid on this … but who am I to judge?)

Skelton is relevant because his clown personas Clem Kadiddlehopper and Freddie the Freeloader made you laugh by making fun of themselves … but the serious blogging CEO who wants to use social media to get a point across might be better served establishing credibility.


(Making us laugh was his profession, but that’s not a CEO role in most cases.  Like Debbie Weil, Skelton was also a serious painter.)

Here are five things a blogging CEO should keep in mind to establish a credible blog:

1. You are speaking for the organization … your brand is your credibility and your blog should reinforce it.
2. People choose to read your blog … if they’ve made that decision be sure there is something in it for them, not just your ego.
3. If you manufacture refrigerators, be cool … with cool meaning relevant.  A refrigerator blog isn’t about your political leanings.
4. Don’t try to be hip … there’s no rule that says blogging is only for people who understand computer languages, only that the language you use be understandable.
5. Bloggers read other bloggers … take the time to find some you appreciate and reference them in your comments (hence the “social” in social media).

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