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Special Interests

by Dan Ward It seems like whenever political debate heats up on any issue, the dreaded  “special interests ” rear their ugly heads.  The deba... Read More »

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Dillin Award

by Dan Ward Early in my career, I had the pleasure of meeting Lt. Col. John W. Dillin, a public relations pioneer who founded the Florida Public Re... Read More »

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Oh, to Be Young Again

by Dan Ward Yesterday, my father received a letter that illustrates the importance of research in any direct marketing effort. The fine people a... Read More »

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Solitary Confinement

by Dan Ward Sunday morning rolled around, and my wife and I began preparations for a family trip to the beach.  But 59-year-old Tom Watson was sti... Read More »

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I Want to Know … Right Now!!

by Dan Ward Late last week, I posted a tweet that generated some debate … after reading tweet after tweet proclaiming the L.A. Times and other tr... Read More »

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