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Your Plan WILL Change

by Dan Ward It’s often difficult for people to understand why public relations plans need to be fluid, and why communicators can’t define six m... Read More »

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The Space Bar Revolution

by Dan Ward The AP Stylebook is about to announce several new updates to the language of journalism.  E-mail is now email.  Cell phone is cellpho... Read More »

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A Work in Progress

by Dan Ward The rush to publish occasionally results in mistakes in the online newsroom, and The Washington Post had a doozy on Monday. It poste... Read More »

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“Media” Training – It’s About the Message

by Dan Ward Heard today from yet another person who sat through a “media training” session that focused more on what to wear and how to stand t... Read More »

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Freed to Abandon All Standards of Objectivity

by Dan Ward Interesting memo sent today from Philadelphia Daily News Editor Larry Platt to his staff. In announcing a new approach for the paper... Read More »

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