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If the Shoe Fits

by Dan Ward Is ethical reporting as important in sports journalism as it is in mainstream news?  If so, then ESPN reporter Erin Andrews’ recent ... Read More »

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NPR Owns Up to a Major Error

by Dan Ward We have all seen how the rush to publish can sometimes lead to errors in news reporting.  Kudos to NPR Ombudsman Alicia Shepard for pr... Read More »

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Only (Kinda) on Taking Aim!

by Dan Ward If you’re like me, beyond being frightened by that thought, you also are annoyed by the constant claims by print and broadcast media ... Read More »

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“We Wish You A Merry Christmas in This Happy E-Mail!”

by Dan Ward I’ve noticed that our reception desk is devoid of the usual clutter of holiday cards this year, and while I’m sure there’s a poss... Read More »

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Direct Mail Win

by Dan Ward Allow me to follow my partner Kim's "Promotional Fail" post with a direct mail WIN. We all get plenty of junk mail with envelopes th... Read More »

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