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Is It Plagiarism to Quote from a News Release?

by Dan Ward A Poynter Institute report caught my eye today regarding a lawsuit filed by Steve Penn against his former employer, McClatchy Newspaper... Read More »

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Selling a Book by its Cover

by Dan Ward News magazines used to cover war.  Now they’re engaged in a Cover War. In the event you haven’t opened a newspaper, turned on t... Read More »

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You Mean You Forgot the Conversation We Never Had?

by Dan Ward Email marketers (OK, spammers) are becoming more and more sophisticated, but this one takes the cake. Not only is it personalize... Read More »

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Two Sides to the “Today” Show Goof

by Dan Ward NBC Hits the Trifecta The New York Times on Sunday published a great story by David Carr regarding how NBC refuses to broadcast a co... Read More »

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Insert Name of Defendant HERE

by Dan Ward Roger Pynn wrote recently that he wonders if Central Florida will ever get over the image we get from high-profile trials. Judging f... Read More »

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