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A Communicator Loses Control

by Dan Ward We’ve all been there.  We’ve all had long, trying days where it feels like everyone is taking shots at us.  And for those of us i... Read More »

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The Trouble(s) with Anonymous Sources

by Dan Ward It seems like almost every news report you watch, hear or read nowadays includes the line “according to sources.” In the rush to... Read More »

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Is It Plagiarism to Quote from a News Release?

by Dan Ward A Poynter Institute report caught my eye today regarding a lawsuit filed by Steve Penn against his former employer, McClatchy Newspaper... Read More »

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Selling a Book by its Cover

by Dan Ward News magazines used to cover war.  Now they’re engaged in a Cover War. In the event you haven’t opened a newspaper, turned on t... Read More »

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You Mean You Forgot the Conversation We Never Had?

by Dan Ward Email marketers (OK, spammers) are becoming more and more sophisticated, but this one takes the cake. Not only is it personalize... Read More »

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