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47 Percent and Lessons for PR Pros

by Dan Ward Seems like every pundit has taken presidential candidate Mitt Romney to task for his “47 Percent” comments, just as President Obama... Read More »

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The Customer is Always Right

by Dan Ward My colleague, Heather Keroes, shared her negative customer service experience a few months ago.  It resulted in her not doing business... Read More »

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The Perfect Message

by Dan Ward When I learned this weekend of Neil Armstrong’s passing, my first thought was not of his legendary achievement of being the first to ... Read More »

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A Communicator Loses Control

by Dan Ward We’ve all been there.  We’ve all had long, trying days where it feels like everyone is taking shots at us.  And for those of us i... Read More »

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The Trouble(s) with Anonymous Sources

by Dan Ward It seems like almost every news report you watch, hear or read nowadays includes the line “according to sources.” In the rush to... Read More »

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