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Report or Comment? When a Journalist Retweets, It’s Hard to Tell.

by Dan Ward I returned from a meeting this afternoon and saw this in my twitter feed: “@JebBush a flip-flop-flip on immigration?  Wow.  I fash... Read More »

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My Biggest Story Goes Up in a Puff of White Smoke

by Dan Ward The upcoming papal conclave has me thinking of one of my greatest media relations triumphs … which suddenly turned into a story that ... Read More »

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Business Lessons from the Kardashians?

by Dan Ward Thanks to an invitation from my friends at Florida Power & Light, I had the opportunity to attend the Daytona Beach Chamber of Comm... Read More »

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To Stop Showrooming, Offer More Than a Showroom

by Dan Ward The trend toward “showrooming” – where consumers look at products in stores before going online to find a better price – has ha... Read More »

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Unintended Message

by Dan Ward By all means, insurance company Zurich should celebrate its 100th anniversary today.  It’s an impressive milestone for a solid compa... Read More »

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