A YouTube Tip You Can Use

by Kim Taylor

Ever share a video and find yourself saying something like, “hey, this is a great video, but the important part is at the 2:23 mark.”  And then the person watching the video has to master the art of dragging that little status bar to exactly the right spot … awkward!

Save yourself that awkward moment with this handy tip.

Add #t= and the number of minutes/seconds (m s) to the end of the YouTube URL, create the new link and voila!  Awkward crisis averted.

Let’s see this in action …

Original YouTube link:


We love Eric Qualman’s stuff, but I really love this part at the 1:59 mark where he includes the Darth Vader Volkswagen commercial.

Edited YouTube link:


Cool, right?  Now, that’s a tip you can use!

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