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by Dan Ward As another year enters the history books, we all start planning our resolutions for the New Year.  Lose weight, run a marathon, spend ... Read More »

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by Roger Pynn I’ve kept a tiny crystal ball on my desk for 30 years … about the size of a large thimble.  And for all those years we’ve told... Read More »

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The Good Times

by Roger Pynn I had a delightful lunch yesterday with one of our first employees.  After marriage, she and her husband moved to Atlanta where she ... Read More »

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O, Woe is Me

by Roger Pynn When William Shakespeare penned those words for Ophelia in Hamlet, do you think he thought there’d come a day when we would debate ... Read More »

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Retiring Minds Want to Know

by Roger Pynn Today, with absolutely no interest in retiring, I joined the quarter million Americans who turn 65 each month.  But last week I was ... Read More »

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