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Truck Stop Research

by Roger Pynn We had just finished a presentation to a potential client with massive land holdings that wrap around numerous rural communities … ... Read More »

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No Cost to Quality

by Roger Pynn My business partner Kim Taylor’s blog post about Ken Blanchard’s 15-year-old Book “Raving Fans” took me back many years earli... Read More »

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Bad Times or Good?

by Roger Pynn After 25 years as an agency owner – and corporate and agency assignments before that dating back to 1974 – one thing sticks in my... Read More »

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Cast in Digital Stone

by Roger Pynn Good advice to clients has always been “never say anything publicly you don’t want to read in tomorrow’s paper.” Author Ma... Read More »

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Talking Points that Bite

by Roger Pynn With the political conventions in full swing, everyone’s using talking points … and accusing each other of spewing them.  But in... Read More »

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