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Who is Your Competition?

by Roger Pynn From time-to-time someone will ask “who is your competition?”  They want to know what firms we consider competitors.  Our reply... Read More »

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Do You Know What They’re Saying About You?

by Kerry Martin When a client recently asked our team for recommendations on a valuable clipping service to use, it made me realize that we sometim... Read More »

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Sending Messages with Sweets

by Kerry Martin Can NASA’s smartest scientists sell enough cupcakes to make up for the proposed $300 million budget shortfall?  Probably not. ... Read More »

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The Great Catch-All

by Dan Ward In most situations in which two sides are battling over a contentious issue, you will see widely disparate views and clear opposing mes... Read More »

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Rules for Startups – They’re More Like “Guidelines”

by Kerry Martin The PR world has been all abuzz about the recently published stance from serial-entrepreneur Mark Cuban that advises startups to ... Read More »

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