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Twitter Tattoos

by Roger Pynn Listening to a presentation by frenetically paced social media watcher Peter Shankman at the Florida Public Relations Association’s... Read More »

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Woe is the Tweeter

by Roger Pynn The tweetisphere is all up in arms because ESPN has limited the tweeting of its employees, but should it be? According to The Time... Read More »

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Separated at Birth

by Roger Pynn There’s a fascinating generational discussion going on in our office about the line between personal and professional as it relates... Read More »

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A Handwritten Note

by Kim Taylor We talk every day about new ways to incorporate social media into client strategies.  So much is online … blogs, Twitter, Facebook, ... Read More »

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Where Are We?

by Roger Pynn If you’ve ever gotten confused trying to remember which of your social network was the place you first saw or “heard” something... Read More »

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